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Woman's Health

Every woman’s life is a beautiful complete cycle made-up of a sequence of intertwining life stages.

Emotions and Women

Women, by virtue of their birthright are creative individuals with unique energetic patterns. When in balance, women enjoy a sense of freedom and well-being. To maintain this state, there must be a free flow of Qi. In Chinese medicine, Liver energy manages this flow and is evident in balanced emotions. Stress and multitasking are two factors that unbalance the Liver. Qigong practice relaxes the body in an effort to begin the self-healing process. Try this Qigong practice with a partner or by yourself.  Have fun, let your emotions flow!

Menstrual Cycle

The ancient Chinese text, Huang Di Nei Jing tells us that a woman’s Qi, and specifically her Kidney Qi, moves in seven year cycles. At the end of her first seven years, a healthy young girl’s Kidney Qi becomes abundant, manifesting itself in the growth of hair and permanent teeth.  At fourteen, Qi reaches its peak, causing the onset of puberty. The menstrual cycle begins, each month bringing the opportunity for new life. The body’s three major organs—Liver, Kidney and Spleen—allow this natural processing to occur.

The Liver is energetically the most important organ in women’s health. In order for the Liver to work optimally, it must have support from every other organ. The Liver is responsible for fertility, physical and emotional balance and flexibility, as well as the smooth flow of blood and Qi. When the Liver is not functioning in harmony, the body sends a host of signs, such as headaches, intermittent bleeding, PMS, mood swings, fibroids and early-onset menopause. The healthier you are, the longer you will maintain a menstrual cycle. If you want to ensure a natural cycle, we suggest your study our Qigong Classes with Master Martina Crkonova.


Pregnancy is a miraculous time in a woman’s life. The ability to conceive a healthy and intelligent baby is a specialty of Chinese medicine. Here we teach you how to care for yourself prior to conceiving and after delivery.

Menopause: A Unique Energy Gateway

It’s interesting; the word “menopause” isn’t even in the traditional Chinese medical vocabulary. You can look in every classical traditional Chinese medical text—you won’t find it. What you will find are references to the symptoms women experience when they reach this life transition. Actually, TCM calls these symptoms “menstrual cycle ending symptoms.” So you may be surprised to learn that menopause is essentially a Western concept.

Menopause: A Natural Progression

TCM views menopause as a natural progression—a woman’s menstrual cycle has a beginning and an end. This deep energy shift extends beyond physical changes, and has the power to affect a woman’s mind, emotions and spirit. Men go through a natural progression as well. A man’s transition comes with aging. They, too, experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes as a result.

Every person falls under natural law. While you can’t control the fact that you will age, you do have control over the quality of your health as you age. From the beginning to the end of this life cycle, if a woman is healthy, her menstruation will be regular and problem-free. But if her health is poor and her Qi is unbalanced, her body may display symptoms such as irregular and painful periods, breast tenderness, headaches, cramping and fever, to name just a few.

It’s surprising that many Western women accept these menstrual symptoms as “normal.” Over time, chronic symptoms like these can lead to more serious problems like the formation of masses, tumors and even cancer, if left untreated and unresolved. And women who have regular menstrual symptoms will most likely have menopausal symptoms when their cycle begins to end or stops altogether. These symptoms are not the result of menopause but the ongoing condition of their bodies before they reach this transition.

TCM: The Foundation of Prevention

There is good news in all of this! TCM is built on the foundation of prevention. This means that you can achieve good health by increasing and balancing your internal energy. Time-tested healing modalities like acupuncture, herbal therapy and Qigong, along with positive lifestyle changes, offer every person the support to accomplish good health. Women who have already reached menopause can benefit from these healing modalities without medication and its problematic side-effects.

The Energy Behind Menopause

As we age, our Qi naturally declines. This means we have less energy to “spend” on our daily routine. If no adjustment is made for this energy “gap,” the body and its organs will be affected. The Kidney and Liver are two organs integral to women’s health.

The Kidney is the powerhouse of the body’s Qi. It stores energy reserves and sends Qi to organs that may be deficient. When the Kidney itself is weak, every organ, and a woman’s overall health, will eventually suffer.

The Liver controls the smooth flow of blood, Qi and emotions. The emotion that resonates with the Liver is anger. Chronic stress and anger can deplete the Liver of its Qi. Most people do not fully realize the very powerful effect that thoughts and emotion have on their health.

Your Self-Healing Ability

But the important message is: it’s never too late to improve your health. Every person is born with a self-healing ability. Women in particular have a unique ability to heal because of their menstrual cycle and their special life-giving organs: their ovaries and uterus. These organs give women the capacity to create wellness—and life—so their body can function at its potential at any age.

Get Ready to Transform!

Menopause is an energy gateway—a unique chance for a woman to prepare her body, mind and spirit for a healthy, long life. It’s a time when she can heal, strengthen herself, and balance and harmonize her energies. Part of anyone’s life’s work is to discover their mission. Deep within every woman is the answer. Menopause creates the opportunity for a transformation, a new beginning, as a woman becomes free to discover, pursue or complete her life’s mission, and touch both her own spirit and the spirits of those around her in a profound and meaningful way.


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