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The Power Within - Qi - Life - Possibilities

This unique page was created by a community of individuals, each with life-changing discoveries when our lives met the unexpected. Yet we achieved major shifts by changing the way we view health, healing, and the body.

Through this online resource, we share our experiences and tools to create better health, offer support during diagnosis, enhance recovery after treatment and aid in preventative care. Our desire is to empower women to create a partnership with their bodies–moving beyond fear, finding inherent capabilities, and most of all, enjoying life. Natural healing takes effort and we’re here to support you.

Explore key insights and go deeper with interactive information shared on just about every page.


We are all energy beings living on this earth for a purpose. This purpose has a consciousness that in some way, some form must express itself. Consciousness will express itself as health or what is commonly called illness. Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are all part of this consciousness. To find answers, look within. 

Resources shared are natural healing tools that support a healthy lifestyle and aid the recovery process. No portion of this site is intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes and should not be used as such. See your primary care provider before taking herbal supplements or starting a new routine.


Energetic support

Qigong Practice

Qigong is a powerful ancient energy practice that knows how to communicate with the body to build balance. Qigong has been shown to strengthen the immune system, help alter metabolic rates, harmonize endocrine system function, and adjust pulse rates, among a wide range of positive health effects.

There are many different kinds of Qigong. Our system is derived from Wu Ming Qigong.  This type of Qigong uses simple energy movements that encourage energy to flow through the meridians.  In this video, the Qigong movements guide Qi through the meridians that run through the breast area.

If you had breast surgery, lymph node surgery, have limited arm mobility, experience residual pain we have hope for you. From the Chinese Medicine point of view, Qi stagnation needs to be addressed. The correct Qigong movement can help energy flow through the area to release the physical discomforts. And if you practice long enough you can help heal and prevent conditions from recurring. 

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Food and Life

Food is one way the body receives energy. Whether you’re looking to heal, detoxify, or maintain balance, the choices you make matter.

We merge modern day thinking with ancient wisdom by selecting foods with high alkaline properties, then raise the bar to include essence. The healing properties of foods go beyond their physical assets, such as vitamins, minerals, and calories, to their spiritual and energetic aspects. Each food carries a vibration or essence that resonates within the body at the Qi level. This level is where your deep healing begins and becomes sustainable.

Essence is the true identity and capability of each food or herb. No matter how you change it—bake, broil, sauté, fry, grind, grill, or blend—its distinct energetic signature and the unique actions it can take remain unchanged. Once you understand this ancient wisdom, we think you will appreciate the amazing potential foods possess.

In our dedicated Courses you will learn what foods are the best supportive foods after surgery, during Chemotherapy and Radiation and many healthy recipes to support Healthy Qi flow.

Healthy Morning
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Attend A Class/Course

Learning how to properly practice these Qigong movements is key to successfully sharing the practice.

Our deepest desire is to share this ancient healing wisdom with women everywhere. Normally, Qigong movements would not be taught in such a short period of time, however, with the growing incidence of breast cancer, it is imperative that passionate people demonstrate these movements to women.

Please note, this course does not qualify you as a Qigong instructor, rather an ambassador of goodwill able to share the teachings.

Classes will resume In new year 2024 with Master Martina in Newquay Sport Centre.

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